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[13 Mar 2008|10:22pm]
[ mood | happy ]

random update

so. vball.

well, i know i'm not cut out for varsity, i'm on cuz there wasn't a need to cut. but that doesn't stop me from doing my bestestest, and the workout is really good. on the other hand, i'm so frickin tired. and the push-ups are making my guns sore. it wouldn't be as bad if i was amazing at vball

work: for the second week in a row i get to work 3-9 on both saturday and sunday. yea. awesome. but at least i get to sleep in. oh and the other day i cracked the screen of my phone with my car keys. wasn't happy about that.

had a looooot of hw/projects this week: physics coil gun, boat lab, english telescreen, parody, and parody analysis (all in 1 night). at this point i really don't care. iuno, this whole marking period has seemed like busy work. my grades have slipped a bit, but they're climbing back up. i've sorta gotten over some of my senioritis

quentin surprised me the other day. we were doing superlatives and i had chosen him as best personality, and apparently he chose me as best personality. in all seriousness, i think there are sooo many better choices than me, but it made me feel good that he thought of me that way.

taking the AB calc and physics C advanced placement tests...those will be fun.

psu sent me a letter today. it's college of engineering alone sent me 3500 a year, which is nice, but i still wanna see what the psu main campus will give me from the FAFSA.

spring's approaching, and i've been in a relatively good mood lately because of it. that and cuz i got lots of new amazing trance songs.

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[01 Mar 2008|09:56pm]
i don't know how but i completely forgot about physical forms for vball...so looks like i'm not practicing for a few days of tryouts...great

dodgeball was THE most fun i've had in months. me and steve carried the team the first 2 games. the third game we both got out first, so we were like shit we're screwed. my voice was so hoarse when bill got 3 people out in the 3rd game! it was amazing. but then the judges screwed up the wins/losses and apparently we had to play an extra game to 'move on' but we were in the top 2...so we definitely got shafted by them. they basically just told us to forget about it since it's just a game. but that was pretty lame.

work today wasn't too bad, we had like 2 hours of no customers so madea and i just talked. she's so open about everything haha
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[22 Feb 2008|07:32pm]
6:45 am

woke up to hear my sister tell me we didn't have school, went to sleep for 6 more hours


woke up to a nightmare

i was at bucknell and apparently so was morgan, whiteley, katherine, erecha, and dana. i lived in my own single dorm room and all of my floormates hated me. it was really scawy.

so i'm thinking i'll have to not do the musical. i really want to, but vball already cuts so much time for subway so either i quit working at subway or i quit the musical idea.

dodgeball team finally assembled. cass got a bunch of her friends to play with me, steve, morgan, and bill yin. don't have a team name yet (will talk to her about it tomorrow), our color shirt is purple (?). i wanna try to get a friendly game of dodgeball at the east york vs. some other teams.
so yea, screw all u girls that wouldn't play :P

we're gonna get destroyed haha
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[20 Feb 2008|08:32pm]
bill yin said something interesting to me the other day: u take a loss or a mistake much better than i do, i wish i was like that

he's right too...i mean i may get upset for a while, but in a moment i can easily be cheered up. i don't quite know why that is...
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[27 Jan 2008|10:21pm]
absolutely loving my taplop

3 gb ddr2 ram
250 gb harddrive
15.4 " hd britelite wide screen
wireless internet
hdmi input if i care to hookup a ps3, xbox 360, or hd dvd player
burn/play cds and dvds
vista home premium

it's amazing

i just can't decide on a name or gender yet =\. any suggestions?

so my sister got all a's on her report card and got honor roll, and i got 3 a's and 3 b's and got distinguished. 1.2 weighted classes for the win!

visited bucknell again and now i'm definitely going. i'm still having some thoughts of penn state, but i think that's just me second guessing going to college and has nothing to do with bucknell, but i really think bucknell will be amazing for me. now i just have to find ways to pay for it.

thank god i'm done with research projects, i'm starting to get senoritis, i've slacked off a lot lately
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[01 Jan 2008|06:08pm]
guess i'll post for the new year

seeing those 4 numbers next to each other (2008) really made me realize we're graduating this year. this is our last year. i am so excited!

biggest thing on my mind lately: college. definitely. need financial aid, college stuff, laptop, etc.

07 went out with a blast though.

so many special things about 2007:
getting accepted to bucknell
getting accepted to PSU
the movie 300 (duh)
getting a job - subway
officially getting my car
gh3 (yes, it's special!)
all of our family reunions - since the 4 oldest cousins will be in college this year, each reunion is amazing
being a senior (duh)

6 more months guys and girls.

resolutions that i'll (probably) forget about:
stop procrastinating?
work really hard at everything - subway, college, etc
be more friendly
try to be less shy
stay sober in bucknell
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[25 Dec 2007|11:29pm]
woke up at like 10 today

yay xmas. completely didn't see half of my family though. cuz we had my dad's side of the family over and then my mom's side was at my aunt's. so i didn't see...like 12 people =\

metal gear solid 3
ong-bak movie
wallet (never going to use, but it had money in it!)
cool keychain thing that came with wallet (has flashlight and a voice recorder)

and for secret santa that us cousins have been doing:
i got what i asked trang to buy me, a huge case of 5 gum and lotsa skittles/starbursts

lotsa money makes me happy :D

hope everyone else is enjoying their winter break!
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[22 Dec 2007|08:22pm]
it's about time for winter break. the last week was crazy.

2 ping pong club days (so much fun, and mr. beal is friggin amazing at ping pong.)
probably gonna combine both groups and have 2 days of a big group. lots more fun this way. but damn, those underclassmen are LOUD.

still need to get presents...at least for secret santa, i probably won't even get normal presents lol. so much for asking people all week. most people said nothing anyways. plus i'm just too lazy to go to stores.

today i saw Walk Hard with alec. it was an 8 on the funny scale. then we played lotsa guitar hero.

dad comes home tomorrow, we're leaving at 4:30 am...then i have work from 10-2.

canNOT wait until we hang out with relatives.

*enjoying break* yay for cp english
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[12 Dec 2007|03:32pm]

i'm so happy

i've been waiting anxiously by the mailbox for like the past week

i already was accepted into PSU main campus, but this was my #1!!
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[03 Dec 2007|04:14pm]
2 more weeks until sr research paper is over!

geez, i missed the 2 worst days last week - wed and friday

apparently i missed: 2 physics quizzes, math quiz, java test, 2 spanish quizzes, and i hnad to read like 60 pages for english, not to mention 2 periods of organic chem, which is the worst thing to miss

drexel was nice though. really nice rooms, and cool programs. though i don't think i'm going to apply there.

i just realized i'm not really good at starting conversations with strangers. last year the first thing i said to Mrs. P was something like: hi, i'm not taking your class

then at drexel, i was talking with one of the students when i said: yea i like drexel but i'm actually not applying here...

"i have no tact" as a certain someone would say

making mad moneys but i don't really know what to spend any of it on...though i do still have to buy xmas presents

hmm...don't really know what it is, but i've generally had a weird feeling. there's nothing particularly wrong, something just doesn't feel right...it's confusing the hell out of me.
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[27 Nov 2007|10:51pm]
update time? sure

past week: b-day, hit the big 1-8 exactly 1 week ago

wed - half day of school, school was pretty good for the most part... then at home...1 day after legally being an adult, i absolutely bawled my eyes out in a heated argument with dad...a day i'll never forget for sure

thursday at 2:45 am: went with family to see dad off for his flight to vietnam
came back to york and hung out with relatives for the rest of the day - slept for mebbe 3 hours total

friday at 2:30 am: woke up early because i was one of 2 cousins that could drive so i took the underlings shopping to buy movies and schtuff. at least $150 in movies and games, and they also got GH3. an entire set of 2 guitars AND the game for $87. unfortunately, there was only 1 GH3 left, and my cousins wanted it as well as me and my sister...so i stepped up and let them have it. i ended up going to gamestop and got 3 amazing games (SHADOW OF THE COLLOSUS, GOD OF WAR, and DIRGE OF CERBERUS) all used, for just $15 after trade-ins, i'm so psyched. and i also got a $3 movie. overall, less than $20 spent. sick. hung out with more family. crashed at noon after only 6 hours of sleep in the past like 50 hours?

saturday: more family times, then halo stuff and glo-bowling
sunday: borders for 2.5 hours? don't ask. then Clerks 2 at chan's
monday: basically homework day. game day didn't pull through.

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[18 Nov 2007|09:36pm]
more or less the complete opposite of the fun weekend i had thought it would be.

picked up my paycheck, which was definitely awesome, i have mad moneys now.

worked sat 10-2. figured that my parents weren't going to their party until like 10, so i didn't bother asking them about going to the ctc show. then they told me they were leaving at 6:45. so i drove to the school and checked out the talent show. it was amazing. morgan and steve dancing awkwardly and singing was absolutely hilarious.

i was looking forward to vertigo for the entire week and i was left sitting at the computer for an hour and a half until someone told me i wasn't going. so me and dana angsted online for another hour or so. and lots of angsting there was... lots...

work 8-3 today. then i actually had a really good conversation with my dad about vertigo and other thingses. i definitely used a metaphor of a baby, a babysitter, and an angry parent which involved the babysitter leaving the baby in a room alone with a bottle full of beer. i know what you're thinking, and yes, it is a grand metaphor for clubs that allow 16+, curfew, and police. i know, i should be in english sem.

sat around a bit...then went to chan's and chilled til it was movie time. Knocked Up was pretty good, excepting the mirror shot...that was just unnecessary.

apparently niko's dad is actually making me a birthday cake and he's bringing it in for spanish honor society. that is friggin awesome. Chocolate Cheesecake!

2.5 days of school, and one of them is my b-day...somehow 18 doesn't seem so amazing.
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[16 Nov 2007|10:52pm]
is it that funny that i'm going to vertigo? apparently lol

lots o shit goin on the next two days, lots o working

at least college apps are done for now...

trying to get ppc started! talked to mrs. brown today...it was weird cuz apparently she went to weis for lunch to do grocery shopping cuz we saw her leaving as we came in and i got a moment to talk to her. def need to ask student council for $$$. we should hopefully be up and running before christmas XD

i think it's absolutely hilarious that rite aid got robbed. cuz the whole week joe was like: haha, another subway got robbed, yours is next, haha, haha...

*rite aid gets robbed*

lol! the best part is he was completely oblivious lol

o boy...

end of the day, steve/laina pulled their usual awkward routine where they talk about flirting with other people, and i guess i was the unfortunate victim. i was innocently walking down the hall, talking to katherine, when i get my ass grabbed by laina. and then steve/laina ask if it would be awkward if steve grabbed katherine's butt it'd be weirder than laina grabbing mine...they make everyone around them so awkward. lol

fun times. b-day next week...2.5 day week...ossum
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[06 Nov 2007|06:53pm]
o boy.

been soooo tired lately. especially since i haven't been able to sleep in any weekend in the past like 3 weeks. this weekend was fun, football, work/work/work/family reunion/more family/movie

got 300 and Vacancy, so i'm probs gonna watch one of those tonight.

...and still haven't finished bucknell app. i just don't know what to write! and i have 9 more days...everything else is done except this final essay. arrgh!

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[19 Oct 2007|09:51pm]
4 day week, with a 2 hour delay and a late entry. not too shabby

wed was laina's bday and party, was pretty sweet. i owned joe in stratego two games in a row. lots of frisbeeing, sorority house pranking, and chillin at york college. it was pretty fun.

today was interesting. handed in my psu app.

work 5-8...god subway is so crazy for so many reasons

any day i work with evvy/madea is crazy. today madea bought her policewoman halloween costume. it's so slutty it's not even funny. she flashed vanessa and showed her thong to me lol. she's nuckin futs. she asked if i wanted to party with her tonight and next saturday. parties with her usually contain alcohol and drugs...and all-night parties every weekend
gotta check with 'rents on next saturday...i feel bad for her, her bf dumped her and she was crying at work =\

this weekend = work, and more college apps. not gonna be fun.
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[14 Oct 2007|12:04am]
today was pretty fun. worked 10-2 which wasn't bad

got some sushi after worked, then bummed around

didn't get to watch a movie though...

play was so dumb, but funny because it was so dumb. tons of hand waving around with erecha/sterling/justin

then i was supposed to take erecha home, but keeley stole her from me and so i was confused for like 20 min until dana told me.

on the way home got a call from amy, and later we all hung out at the Hamburger in Paradise

fun place, tons of cool peeps.

overall cool day.
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[29 Sep 2007|11:26pm]
school, college stuff, school, and work

hc was amazing though.

went with amy, and like 20 other people to Bel Paese. then pics at kranias'. then hc itself. lots of fun.

except that erecha wouldn't dance. at all. not even during sandstorm. or during the like 20 person line we had. wth.

so basically, lauer was trying to steal amy from me everytime i walked away...that was pretty lame.

but hc was still pretty sweet.
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[12 Sep 2007|08:36pm]
been saving a bunch of money...

as always, i'm in another movie-watching mood. anyone up for some movies?

school's aight. physics --> gym/orgo --> english --> java --> math --> c lunch --> study hall. basically the easiest 6 periods ever? but then spanish =\

seriously, my day goes so fast it's not even funny

eating out for senior lunch = the shit

work's been good. today i was told what being high and drunk is like. and cigs. haven't heard about sex yet. lol. i work with the weirdest chicks.

so yea...big decision to make. yay hc shit...

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[13 Aug 2007|09:29am]
i got a job at subway! the subway at kingston plaza, hopefully i will be starting there tuesday - i need to get my work permit today.

yup, i'm the only guy there. and for once i have to thank my cousin choung, the one that's usually mean to me, but he's the one that got me the job.

so, yay i'm happy about that.

during the weekend i went to pittsburgh cuz my other cousins got a huge ass swimming pool. so i tanned for about 3 hours and swam for like 6.

my stomache/chest = tan, it's awesome

woke up this morning with yet another dream about ap calc (that's like the ...4th? one in the past 2 weeks? maybe i should start the hw soon...). so lame, i know. at least it's better than the other ones where there are aliens in the faculty...

only 17 more days left until school, sigh.

got my work permit, starting at subway tomorrow

i walked in today and holy shit, i saw one of my coworkers. she is a goddess. i'm not even kidding.
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[22 Jul 2007|05:29am]
got the last harry potter book yesterday at 1 pm, and just finished it, roughly 16.5 hours later, though at least 6 of those hours i wasn't paying attention.

i. hate. finales.

don't get me wrong, the book was pretty good, i just hate the end of a good series. no matter what the story is. seriously, grr.

not gonna spoiler anything, but yea, if anyone else has finished the book, wanna talk about it?
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